About Us

Our Mission

LBJ’s mission is to provide a personal approach to construction in the State of Florida, by building solid, long-lasting relationships through unwavering integrity, exceptional professionalism, and creative thinking. LBJ is long committed to excellence, responsible construction that provides value to the owner and enhances the overall community.


Creating Exceptional Value for our Clients and the Community.


LBJ works with clients in a personal way that facilitates their construction goals.

About Us

The services and involvement of LBJ doesn't end when the plans are finished. LBJ staff will personally meet and continue to work with the full range of contractors and interior designers throughout, protecting the client through the entire process until the “key meets the lock”.

LBJ will provide a design that stands alone and is free of “surprises”. Clients can expect a home that works within the lot criteria and a plan that can stand up to the tests of everyone involved – the contractors, the builders and the code enforcers.

Our staff all have solid backgrounds in commercial, residential and industrial construction. You get the benefit of experience that's been acquired year after year, job after job.

LBJ will not impose a design upon a client. The style of home that the client wants guides the design process. For this reason, the portfolio of homes by LBJ reflects many indigenous styles from Italian Tuscan to Florida Cracker.